Letters to the Editor: We Absolutely Need a New High School in F.C.


Letters to the Editor: February 19 – 25, 2015


We Absolutely Need a New High School in F.C.


Lou Mauro and I have disagreed (respectfully) about many things over the years, and it seems like that trend is going to continue. Despite what Lou said in his letter to the editor last week, we very much need to replace George Mason High School and put in place a modern facility that provides that full educational environment that we want for our kids, and turning the auxiliary gym into classrooms won’t do that. The Falls Church school system has always been absolutely always been focused on educational “wants” more than just “needs.” Why stop now?

As to how to pay for it, we need to develop the property around the school to the maximum possible commercial density, which is much more than we have ever done in the past. We also need to understand that, per the headline in last week’s FCNP, we are not going to determine traffic or urbanization in the area, Tyson’s will. We need to find a way to benefit from that increased urbanization in our commercial corridors, while doing everything possible to protect against density in our residential areas.

David Chavern

Falls Church


Surprised Saslaw’s Original Campus Rap Bill Not Passed

I am a student at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School, and a member of Boy Scout troop 895.

When I first read last week’s article on Sen. Saslaw’s campus rape bill, I was surprised that his original bill wasn’t passed. Why would the victims not want to press charges for an assault, and why would the colleges cover up for these heinous crimes!? Although this new bill suggested by State senator Barbara Favola is a excellent start, I still don’t see a reason why these idiots running the college don’t get dragged away in chains! They cover up for crimes that deserve to be punished, horrible crimes, yet no one stops them? Why is that?

Jacob Nelson

Falls Church


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