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Letters to the Editor: Schools Exist Because of City, Not Other Way Around


Letters to the Editor: December 25 – 31, 2014


Schools Exist Because of City, Not Other Way Around


To follow up on my earlier letter concerning the Falls Church School System, the arrogance and superior attitude shown by the school administrators/board towards the Falls Church City Council demonstrates how power corrupts people and hampers sound thought, logic and joint efforts. The constant wail that Falls Church’s schools are vastly superior to other local school systems is akin to Citibank’s testimony that they would never need financial help from anyone. Falls Church’s students are surely competitive with others but, vastly superior. The data does not support that assertion.

As stated before, we cannot continue to compete with other school systems here as they have many more resources than Falls Church has. The school administrators do not want to give up their “power” positions. By becoming part of another system they would not have the same influence, prestige or salary potential. They are like many of today’s civic leaders who put personal agendas ahead of organizations, citizens and the community. They cloak these self-important activities in the guise of “Our children are the future,” “We must provide the best for our students” and similarly formulated expressions designed to tug at the emotions of parents, students, citizens and administrators. The election demonstrated their ability to “get out the vote” as they have a built in method to rally the voters through the PTA, school notices and an emotional appeal for “the best for the students.”

I am questioning the actions of the both boards and not arguing for cheap/mediocre education for our youth. It appears that the school board has been given “carte blanche” for many years and their actions, methods and agendas demonstrate their inability to see the crisis that is inevitable if the same procedures continue. We need to address other options concerning our school system before our taxes are so exorbitant that most retirees and numerous other citizens will be forced to leave if we can sell our our property! This has happened in other areas.

Is it possible a 10 percent – 30 percent savings on taxes would be achievable if we joined another school district? The data is surely available in someone’s computer. School systems across the country are facing the same issues and have taken positive steps by combining with neighboring districts to insure continued effective and timely development of their schools, communities and students. Remember School Board and City Council members: the school exists because of the city not the other way around.

John Boeddeker

Via the Internet


F.C. Schools ‘Lobby’ Doesn’t Respect Non-School Budget Items


The editor refers to a “colossal edge the City has and stands to gain from its schools” in supporting the School Lobby’s campaign to flaunt austerity via the School Board’s budget request. That type commentary attempts to delude the readership into believing that the F.C. Schools are already superior to schools in surrounding jurisdictions, a claim that is pretty difficult to support. If there are any colossal elements of Falls Church politics, the most colossal is the colossal lack of respect the School Lobby has for non-school related items in the Falls Church budget.

This being the case, I challenge the City Council to make their decisions accordingly; decisions that also have colossal impact on other colossally important City needs such as road maintenance, police, staff, buildings, library, parks, to name just a few.

Duane Myers

Falls Church


New Development May Price Out Small F.C. Businesses


As plans are made for a potential new development at the corner of West and Broad, I would urge all to keep in mind one of the downsides of that development. New, more expensive construction may price out the businesses currently located in the area developed. As a result, we may lose those small independent businesses, in favor of larger corporate chains that can afford the higher rents. These small independent business are labors of love that give a community its particular feel, and often provide the best service to their customers.

I’d particularly like to single out Bikenetic, a terrific shop that not only sells and fixes bikes, but also promotes biking and biking culture. I’m sure others have their own favorites. I hope that as plans go forward, the city can find a way to work with these small businesses that help to keep Falls Church special.

Robert Matz

Falls Church


Kudos to Benton for Column On Helping Those in Need


Regarding Nicholas F. Benton’s “Reclaiming the ‘Ecumenical,” Part 3,” it’s an outstanding column – right on. Benton is so correct in “identifying this critical point of departure” as critical. Consider the impact if each one of us (that are so privileged) could help just one neighbor in need each month of the New Year.

I hope to do my small part as one individual by trying to help that neighbor in need – especially the Widow and Orphan – whatever their race, creed (religious beliefs and values), color or world view may happen to be.

David Blanchard

Via the Internet


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