Letters to the Editor: Why Does FCNP Think RV Owners Are Victims?



Letters to the Editor: November 27 – December 3, 2014

Why Does FCNP Think RV Owners Are Victims?


In response to the News-Press editorial last week criticizing the proposed ordinance about trailers and RVs, I would like to know why you think the owners of the same are being victimized. Following your logic, it would seem that those owners who park these vehicles on “public property” in the same spot for weeks and months on end constitute a group of a “special few” who are exercising a “false sense of entitlement.” The “detriment to everyone else” they impose with these “non-passenger vehicles,” with wider and/or taller dimensions include field of view and safe passage obstructions.

There are limits to “equally accessible and available to all citizens” parking imposed on passenger vehicles with city stickers so why don’t you think there shouldn’t be some parking limits for non-motorized trailers, that don’t require a city sticker, and RVs too?

John Montgomery

Falls Church


Arlington Streetcar Supporter Arrogance Led to Its Demise


Stewart Schwarz’s sums up perfectly why the Arlington Streetcar project was killed. His statements that “the political campaign wasn’t especially conducive to in-depth discussion” and that “Arlington should also consider a county-wide dialogue about the future” sum up the arrogance of the project’s supporters. There was plenty of dialogue over the last few years, and the citizens spoke up loud and clear on election day. Like Schwartz’s column, the board ignored objections over a severely flawed study that was being used to force the project onto the taxpayers. Instead of calling for more dialogue to get the masses to embrace their vision, maybe it would be more constructive for the streetcar’s supporters to finally listen to why their proposal was rejected and learn some lessons to help move forward.

Jeff Walyus



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