Toyotas Are Little City’s Most Popular Cars; Honda Accord is F.C.’s Most Popular Model

By Patricia Leslie

City of Falls Church residents love Toyotas – or at least love buying them – but the Honda Accord is the City’s most popular car, according to numbers from F.C.’s Commissioner of the Revenue office. The News-Press looked at statistics from vehicle registrations over the past several years which also show car purchases have decreased in the City for the first time in more than six years.

Total car purchases had been increasing every year since 2008 when the economy slowed and residents’ car registrations showed only a slight gain over 2007 (632 to 663 purchases). After 2008, car sales took off: 884 purchases in 2009 (a growth of 33 percent from 2008), 992 in 2010, 1,275 in 2011, 1,340 in 2012, and 1,512 in 2013.

But, so far in 2014, only 1033 have been registered with the Commissioner of the Revenue office, which puts the office on track to register about 1,239 by the end of the year.

For the fifth consecutive year, Toyota is the most popular car brand purchased by Falls Church residents, with Honda and Ford in second and third positions, according to statistics from the commissioner’s office.

Honda’s Accord, however, is the most popular model so far this year among Falls Church residents with 48 purchased and registered. Toyota’s most popular model in the City so far this year is the Camry, which has sold 38 models – more than the number of Camrys sold in 2013.

This is the second year in a row that more Accords have been purchased than Camrys – in 2013, 59 Accords were purchased by residents with Camrys not far behind at 37. Almost half the number Toyota Corollas have been purchased this year compared to last year’s purchases with 29 this year and 56 in 2013.

The Fusion is Ford’s most popular model in town so far in 2014 with 32 models purchased.

To date in 2014, a total of 199 Toyotas have been purchased, compared to 168 Hondas and 139 Fords. Last year 243 Toyotas were purchased, followed by 227 Hondas and 160 Fords.

Are F.C. Residents Turning to More Fuel Efficient Cars?

According to the vehicle registration statistics, the answer is no – Falls Church City residents have registered only 38 vehicles listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s most fuel efficient cars list this year.

The electric hybrid Toyota Prius is the most popular model among City residents with 35 vehicles purchased in 2014.

Also on the EPA list are Teslas (none which have been purchased by to F.C. residents this year), the Nissan Leaf (five sales recorded in the past five years) and three hybrid Honda Fits (three sold in 2014).

Register or Risk a Ticket

The total number of cars registered in the City of Falls Church is 11,450 according to the Commissioner of the Revenue office.

“Every vehicle that is ‘garaged,’ or parked, in the City of Falls Church must be registered and display a current Falls Church City decal, or risk getting ticketed,” Gary LaPorta, the outreach coordinator for the Commissioner of the Revenue office said. “There are no exceptions!”