Letters to the Editor: Commitment Ceremony Not Unprecedented in F.C. Area


Letters to the Editor: September 4 – 10, 2014

Commitment Ceremony Not Unprecedented in F.C. Area


I enjoyed reading your article on the blessing of a same sex marriage in the Historic Falls Church, especially in view of the turmoil associated with that congregation. However, I wonder if it was as unique as might be inferred from your article.

Three years ago, I had the privilege of photographing the blessing of the weddings of Sue and Helen, and Tim and Jay at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, located in nearby Dunn Loring. The two couples were married the day before in D.C. As a member of that congregation it was such a pleasure to share in the joy of their blessing. Presiding were five Episcopalian priests, and many members of the congregation turned out in support. To my knowledge, it was the first blessing of a same sex marriage in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

A year later, the wedding of the seminarian intern at Holy Cross Jo Belser to her wife was also blessed in the same church with Shannon Johnston, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, presiding.

So while the Falls Church deserves enormous credit for their views backed up by action, perhaps the better news is that the blessing of same sex marriages by the Episcopal Church in Virginia is no longer an isolated event. Hopefully the actual wedding ceremony itself will achieve the same status.

Jim Cassatt

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