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Restaurant Spotlight: Brunch at Ireland’s Four Provinces


For the month of April, the Restaurant Spotlight will be focusing on brunch at restaurants in the City of Falls Church. This week, we explore the Ireland’s Four Provinces weekend brunches.

Ireland’s Four Provinces is a repeat Best Brunch winner in the News-Press Best of Falls Church contest. The big draw? The Sunday brunch buffet.

The Easter brunch buffet, offered just this past Sunday, is one of the restaurant’s biggest affairs of the year. The restaurant was fully booked with reservations days in advance of the big event. Those in attendance were treated to a mouth-watering display right as they stepped inside the door. A table of treats spanned the full length of the bar. At one end was an omelet station, with staff crafting made-to-order omelets of chopped spinach, crumbled bacon, plenty of cheese, and other fillings. Its neighbor was the carving board, which offered slices of rosy pepper-crusted roast beef and sweet Virginia ham. An array of chafing dishes held breakfast staples like scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage links, but also distinctly Irish fare like the shepherd’s pie (a savory minced-beef-and-vegetables blend topped with a layer of mashed potatoes) and corned beef hash (a meaty variety here, with plenty of corned beef and small cubes of potato). Breads and pastries abounded. A broad platter served up ample slices of smoked salmon. Assorted salads, fresh fruit, grilled fish, chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, potato soup, macaroni and cheese, French toast, waffles, ready-made eggs benedict, and home fries rounded out the buffet. Add to that a separate small table that boasted assorted desserts and warm Irish bread pudding. This holiday display was offered at $22.95 a person. Though it’s a few items lighter than the grand Easter buffet, Ireland’s Four Provinces offers a limitless buffet early each Sunday for a mere $16.95 a person.


For those who prefer a full-service brunch, the Ireland’s Four Provinces Saturday brunch menu offers a selection of the restaurant’s sandwiches and traditional Irish entrées, as well as 10 breakfast dishes – two of which blend Irish cuisine and the morning meal.


The Irish Breakfast, as is suggested by the $15.95 cost, is a hefty portion of food. With an order, diners are treated to a platter of two made-to-order eggs, sausage links, a slice of grilled Irish bacon (fat-lined and tender, like ham), thick-sliced potato pieces, a bowl of tomato-sweet baked beans, a grill-scored tomato and some sautéed mushrooms, and a few crispy discs of savory black and white pudding (the former made with blood, the latter without).


Eggs benedict is a brunch classic, and the Ireland’s Four Provinces rendition benefits greatly from the substitution of smoked salmon for the traditional pork component in the dish. In the Irish Eggs Benedict ($12.95), slices of richly flavorful and salty smoked salmon are laid across English muffin halves, which are then topped with poached eggs and coated in herb-sprinkled hollandaise sauce. Asparagus spears and plenty of greasy home fries are served as sides.


While menu doesn’t list the available brunch beverages, the restaurant does offer such drinks. The Bloody Mary ($6.50) is a nicely peppery concoction, served in a tall spice-rimmed glass. In keeping with the restaurant’s fare, one could order an Irish Coffee ($7). It’s a drink for whiskey lovers, as the flavor of the liquor comes across strong against warm and slightly sweet coffee. Whipped cream topping adds a little additional sweetness.

Irish inspiration definitely adds appeal to the Ireland’s Four Provinces brunch, whether you’re enjoying a selection from the brunch menu or getting your fill at the popular buffet.

 Ireland’s Four Provinces is located at 105 W. Broad St., Falls Church. For more information, call 703-534-8999 or visit Brunch hours are Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (by menu) and Sunday: 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (buffet).