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Fit in Falls Church: Cutting Back on the Sweet Stuff

By Gretchen Powell

Being back on the weight-loss wagon is never without its difficulties, no matter what diet you’re adhering to or regimen you’re following. After regaining an unfortunate percentage of the weight I originally lost, I’ve spent the past few months adjusting my lifestyle and taking control back over my health.

Having lived in a “weight-loss mentality” for quite a while before, a lot of things came back pretty naturally. Logging my daily intake in a calorie-counting app, reverting back to whole foods, keeping my fitness level in mind – all had been second nature for so long that I figured it’d take no time at all to get back to my old habits and, thus, back to my old weight.

Of course, as I think many of us know, things don’t always work out so neatly. Despite taking on the best of my good habits once again, staying at my calorie goals, and generally doing everything “right,” the weight just didn’t seem to be falling off the way I had been hoping. I was losing some weight, but it was a slow, tedious process. Even though my weight-loss journey was once again in its infancy, I already found myself losing motivation.

So, I took a long, hard look at my lifestyle – the food I was eating, the things I was doing – and I decided that I needed to shake it up. Do something different. At least for a little while, to see if I could jumpstart my body into true weight-loss mode again. And so even though I’m usually not a proponent of cutting things out of one’s diet (since it can lead to binges and isn’t usually sustainable), at least temporarily I have made the decision to cut sugar out of my diet almost completely.

Yep, no more cupcakes, candy bars, sugary cereals or the like. I’ve even cut way, way back on simple carbs like bread and pasta (since in reality, those do have the same effect as sugar once they’re being digested much of the time). I’m still eating fruit, but in moderation and in combination with healthy fats – apple slices with peanut butter, berries with coconut cream, that sort of thing.

It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure. The first few nights of my sugar detox involved seemingly endless nausea, that’s how sugar-dependent my previous diet had become. My energy levels were all over the place, and I had dreams about mint chocolate chip ice cream. But after about a week or so the sugar withdrawal symptoms subsided, and in that timeframe alone I started seeing results.

I lost almost six full pounds in a little over a week. Six pounds in a week, when it took me three full months to lose the previous ten. Not to mention that my energy is back, and heck, I even feel like I’m sleeping a little better.

I still don’t really believe that cutting things out of one’s diet is that realistic in the long-term, but I do know that for now, I’m more motivated towards my weight-loss goals than I have been in quite a while. And while yes, I’m sure that I will be partaking in a celebratory slice of cake on my birthday next week, I feel pretty good about being able to keep things clean and sugar-free for the near future at least.

Gretchen Powell is a fitness and healthy living blogger in Falls Church. She is not a registered dietitian, nutritionist, or medical doctor, and a medical professional should be consulted before undertaking dramatic diet changes. For more, visit