Letters to the Editor: Church Defectors Column Was a Breath of Fresh Air


Falls Church News-Press Letters to the Editor: March 12 – 19, 2014

 Church Defectors Column Was a Breath of Fresh Air


Although I live in Washington D.C., I found myself in Falls Church having work done to my car at the Curry’s on Route 7. While in the waiting room, I found your newspaper and decided to read it.

My curiosity first got me when I saw there was a Supreme Court decision regarding the Falls Church property. I really enjoyed the article and especially enjoyed reading Bishop Shannon’s and Fr. Yate’s response to the decision.

Shaking my head at what I read from two opposing sides, I then came across your editorial. Well, I’m sure the other people in the waiting room were amused by my shouts of ‘Yes!” and “Amen!” You nailed it right on the head in your comments about the defectors. I am an Episcopalian and I have read about this horrific situation with the Falls Church and other Episcopalian churches in the U.S.

Your analysis of both the “continuing” and the “defectors” is so level headed and so accurate. Your column is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you. As the owner of the paper, you have given me a very favorable impression of your newspaper.

Jason West

Via the Internet


Fairfax’s Affordable Housing Fund Still A Stable Source of $


This is in response to the article by Nicholas Benton in the March 5 edition of the News-Press regarding the Residential Studio Units being considered for affordable housing development in Fairfax County. The article stated that Fairfax County’s “lofty goal of dedicating a penny on the tax rate to affordable housing” has “gone by the wayside.”

My understanding is that although this penny fund was cut in half in FY2010, it is still providing a stable source of funds to preserve and expand affordable housing, in excess of $18 million in the current FY2014. This fund helped preserve hundreds of affordable units, including a significant number in the Seven Corners area.

Clare Dunne

Falls Church

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