Letters to the Editor: December 26, 2013 – January 1, 2014

 Water Sale Resolution Omitted ‘All’ & ‘Equitably’


The last paragraph of your lead article in the December 12-18, 2013 edition of the Falls Church News-Press implies that no changes were made in the draft Resolution concerning goals for use of water sale proceeds discussed at the Council’s December 9 meeting. This is incorrect and misleading and omits a major point of discussion that should be of concern to all citizens. True, the final resolution retains a reference to the pension fund investment option, but the language in the final resolution was substantially modified. In particular, Mayor Baroukh proposed amended language to the effect that the City Council has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that these funds are used to benefit “all” City Taxpayers “equitably” [emphasis added]. Two council members vehemently objected to the inclusion of the word “all” and the Mayor’s proposed language subsequently was watered down to a much more ambiguous “to use exclusively for the broad public interest and benefit of city taxpayers.”

This development is both astounding and alarming. By insisting on deleting the words “all” and “equitably,” these Council members have effectively communicated their belief that selected special interest groups in Falls Church have the right to preferential access to City financial resources. The News-Press has done a disservice by not bringing attention to this deeply disturbing public expression on the part of some City Council members.

John E. Leimone

Falls Church


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