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Letters to the Editor: December 19 – 25, 2013

 Council is Turning Little City Into a Big Town


The new Falls Church City Council is now in place and is ready to get started on the projects that are planned or yet to be planned.

It is amazing that the residents who have been in Falls Church for decades (some generations) elect people who are turning their Little City into a big Town. Maybe the new address should be Tysons IV, VA 22046.

And in these plans the word “free parking” has been nowhere in sight.

Where are the people to park when the plans for the Harris Teeter and condos are ready for use? You will have condos above the store that should be offered at least one space, maybe two. Then the employees of the grocery store, other retail stores and of course the customers.

Is there any chance we might get a “dress up” restaurant in these plans? Maybe one of the Great American group?

It would be nice if the elevation of these new places have an “old city” charm to them, nothing modern.

Merry Christmas.

Barb Molino

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