City of F.C. Bids Farewell to Oak Tree; Traffic to be Impacted by Removal

Due to increasing decay, a large Southern Red Oak tree located on the Cherry Hill Farmhouse property will be removed in the coming days. Measuring 53” in diameter, and potentially more than a century old, the decision to remove the tree was not arrived at easily. City Arborist Ben Thompson issued his recommendation that the tree be removed following a thorough assessment of its health; Green Space Manager and Certified Arborist Jeremy Edwards also inspected the tree and concurred. A third independent evaluation was performed by a consulting arborist who arrived at the same conclusion.

The tree’s health is rapidly declining and what began as advanced decay in the lower trunk and supporting roots has spread to include several large limbs on the tree’s north side that are now dead. Sadly there is no way to repair the tree’s existing rot or prevent it from further decomposition.

Removal of the tree will span two days and is tentatively scheduled for this Thursday and Friday, October 24 & 25. During removal, a section of Park Avenue directly adjacent to the tree will be completely closed to parking and traffic. Vehicles will be detoured out to Broad Street via Little Falls Street and N. Virginia Avenue. All entrances to City Hall, the Library, and the offices at 313 Park Avenue will remain open to local traffic while work is underway.