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Critter Corner: Trilby

322critterWith a look that seems to say “you think it’s hot, imagine if you had fur like me,” shown here in summer-lazing pose is one of Falls Church’s more senior residents. Trilby is the beloved feline companion of the Duncan family on S. West Street. Adopted as a kitten in 1996 from the Arlington animal shelter, Trilby celebrated her 17th birthday in April. That’s 86 in human years, according to the online cat-age calculator. She got her name from itinerant acrobat Trilby O’Farrell, a kids-book character, and still has some spring in her step, except on the hottest days. Trilby has helped Leslie and Phil raise Meredyth and Tyler from wee ones to their 20s, and gets occasional head-scratches from their crosstown grandparents, Carol and Chet De Long.