Letters to the Editor: June 13 – 19, 2013

Still Thinks Harris Teeter A ‘Mistake’ for F.C.


I have to agree with Leon Reed’s Letter to the Editor in the June 6 edition regarding the Harris Teeter.

As I wrote in a Letter in the Jan. 3-9 issue of the Falls Church News-Press, I still think the Harris Teeter is a mistake and building it will not turn the Little City around to a bustling place. There is no way they can build it to look like it “belongs” in the Little City.

We need fun restaurants (with ample parking), some shops or a condo similar to The Bryon and The Broadway (four-five stories) with more square feet than the Spectrum currently offers. Again with ample parking. The key word being ample parking.

As for the building in the City with the flowers on it, some people may not like it, but it is a building talked about, even by those who don’t live here!

Barb Molino

Falls Church


Anthony’s Closed Due to Market Forces


I would like to respond to the piece you did on Anthony’s restaurant. Like many people I grew up going to Anthony’s. That being said enough is enough.

Restaurants fail because they do not have enough business to stay afloat. The food was mediocre as was the service. Yes it was a Falls Church staple but with the growing number of family friendly restaurants opening in the area people had more options and they did not pick Anthony’s. It is not development plans or evil corporations that led to Anthony’s closing, it was the citizens of Falls Church.

Victor Gerrity

Falls Church


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