‘Stang Soccer Girls Blank Madison Co. Mountaineers

By Drew Costley

George Mason High School’s girls varsity soccer team beat Madison County High School 7-0 on Tuesday, making the Mustangs 2-0 in Bull Run District play.

The Mustangs maintained possession of the ball throughout the game. Madison County only had one extended offensive possession in the first half, which came around the end of the 14th minute of the game.

“I think that’s something our girls do really well, try to control the play,” said Head Coach Jennifer Parsons. She said that although the game was “chaotic” in the first 15 minutes, maintaining possession helped the Mustangs calm down.

“As soon as those guys calmed it down and passed to the feet a little more, not forcing every ball to go forward, I think we clearly took over the run of play in the game,” Parsons said.

Junior midfielder/forward Claire Trevisan and sophomore forward Mary Keenan both scored two goals for the Mustangs. Freshman forward Kate Mills, senior midfielder Maggie Mascarenhas, and senior defender/midfielder Araba Ankuma scored a goal apiece against the Mountaineers. Trevisan initiated the scoring with a header off of a corner kick from Mascarenhas in the 18th minute.

“We had so many opportunities and then finally putting that one away, that I think opened the goal for the rest to follow,” Trevisan said.

Keenan scored the next goal on a fast break around the 23rd minute of the game. Mills scored the Mustangs third goal in the 30th minute with a shot from a position nearly parallel with the plane of the goal. Mascarenhas scored at the 33rd minute mark. Referees initially determined that Mountaineer junior goalkeeper Kathleen Machleit stopped the shot from going into the goal with a diving save, but decided moments later that Mascarenhas’ shot crossed the plane of the goal.

Trevisan scored the fifth goal in the 36th minute and nearly scored another goal in the last minute of the first half, but the ball hit the bottom of the top goal post and bounced out of the goal. Keenan opened up scoring for the Mustangs in the second half with a goal in the 49th minute of the game. Ankuma scored the Mustangs’ last goal in the 52nd minute of the game. The Mustangs had 12 shots in the second half.

“In the second half it got hectic and then it really got back under control,” Kennan said. “We had a lot of opportunities and we didn’t finish them, or enough of them.”

Parsons echoed Keenan’s analysis. She said taking advantage of scoring opportunities is one thing the Mustangs need to work on going into their next district match-up against Manassas Park High School.

“We still need to focus on finishing,” Parsons said. “I thought we attacked a little bit better. … I think the next step is finishing more of the chances that we actually have.”

George Mason travels to Manassas Park on Friday to play the Panthers. The Mustangs beat Manassas Park both times they faced them in 2012 and outscored the Panthers 11-0 when both match-ups are combined. Next Tuesday, the Mustangs host William Monroe High School, whom the Mustangs beat twice last season, outscoring the Dragons 14-1 when those match-ups are combined.