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MUSIC Days Nets $4,600+ for Mason Band & Choir

Families, businesses, and organizations have been enlisting the help of George Mason High School students these past few weeks for a number of odd jobs and paying to fund their band and chorus trip to New York City this April.

There were 46 distinct jobs staffed with at least two students, for a total of 112 placements. Fifty-eight students had money deposited in their trip accounts. Most students worked one or two jobs, but three were able to work five times, and two students worked seven jobs over the seven weekends of the fundraiser. More than $4,600 was raised, and many kind words were relayed about the hard-working Mason students. While some served at holiday parties, others performed music for them. Students gave music and sports lessons, moved furniture, stained a play set, babysat, tended to yards, and more.