Large Turnout of F.C. School PTAs Hear Mayor, Superintendent


With what promises to be a challenging budget and development season upcoming, parents turned out in large numbers tonight at the Henderson Middle School to hear and question the City of Falls Church’s leaders, including Mayor Nader Baroukh, School Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones, City Manager Wyatt Shields and School Board chair Susan Kearney.

They got a preview of what may turn into a hotly-contested issue among the policy makers when Kearney and Jones suggested that there may not be room, and the willingness of neighbors to the site, for a sufficient expansion of the Mt. Daniel School on its current spot, which was countered by Mayor Baroukh who insisted that a new climate of cooperation exists now between the City and its Fairfax County neighbors that could permit of an extensive expansion of the school at its current location.