New Supermarket to Open In City of Falls Church

Management of the Eden Shopping Center in the City of Falls Church announced today that a new supermarket will be opening at the site of the former National Wholesale Liquidators in the popular Eden Center. The store, the Good Fortune Asian Grocery, is expected to open in late 2013.

The store is a spinoff of a successful New York-based Asian grocery store chain established in 2001 with locations up and down the eastern seaboard. It specializes in exotic fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood and meats and a wide variety of Chinese specialties and seasonings. According to an Eden Center press release, based on $40 million in annual revenue, the supermarket will bring $400,000 in additional tax revenue to Falls Church City coffers, more than 11 percent of Falls Church’s annual sales tax revenue, and five times more than what the previous tenant, National Wholesale Liquidators, produced. It was also noted that 100 new premium parking spaces are being added to the front parking lot at the Eden Center to accommodate the supermarket, along with improved lighting.

The Eden Center is now home to 130 family-owned businesses and provides 7.6 percent of Falls Church’s commercial real estate tax revenues.