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Ro Pa Sci Induction Means Perks for Mason 8th Grader

George Mason High School eighth grader Mary Escobar and her friends Natalie Diaz, Miriam Salakaia and Genevieve Estrada found a chauffeured limo waiting for them for an after-school celebration last Friday. Escobar is the latest inductee into GMHS math teacher Joel Block’s coed Ro Pa Sci fraternity.

Block created the contest to keep students engaged all year long, and especially after the long winter break. To become a member, students must complete all homework, maintain their grades and exhibit good classroom behavior. The final competition is a big rock, paper, scissors contest, hence the name Ro Pa Sci.

Mary and her friends were treated to an hour-long ride in a limousine, courtesy of Don Beyer Volvo, and a stop at a restaurant for an after school snack.