Mustang Boys Soccer Squad Squeezes by William Monroe

The George Mason High School boys soccer team won a nail biter Tuesday against William Monroe High School. The score of 1-0 made every possession an important one, which kept both teams on their toes. 

In the beginning minutes of the game, Mason was dominating possession and generating many scoring opportunities. Mason’s defense, led by senior captain Ze’ev Lailari and senior Stephan Cotner, were unbeatable. 

Midway through the first half, junior Adam Witzel threaded a through ball to senior captain Eion Oosterbaan, who beat his defender to reach. Oosterbaan cut it to his strong foot and blasted a shot from the top of the box that stroked the post and went in. 

Mason seemed complacent after the goal, expecting Monroe to be defeated and lose its drive. However, William Monroe continued to fight and managed to create chances to score. Mason’s defense continued to stay strong and defended the lead for the remainder of the half. 

An even battle was played in the second half, with both teams fighting hard for victory. William Monroe had scoring chances, but Mason’s defense would not allow substantial penetration to goal. With only 10 minutes remaining, a William Monroe striker beat Mason’s goalkeeper and had an open net to score until Lailari swooped in and made a goal line save to secure Mason’s lead for the remainder of the game. 

The boys will play an away game against Rappahannock County High School Friday and an away game against Strasburg High School Tuesday.