2024-07-19 5:11 AM

Critter Corner: Frodo

critterFrodo is a Chinese Crested and Yorkie mix or Crustie.  

He is a rescue dog, orginally from New York City, who enjoys long walks, chewing on toilet paper center rolls, and playing with other dogs in his Falls Church apartment complex. Some of Frodo’s favorite hobbies include sunning on his mommy and daddy’s bed while they are away at work.  His most crafty skill is when he squeezes in, under the bedsheets at night. Frodo recently turned 4 and is trilingual. He can respond to commands in English, Spanish and Maliseet (a Native American/Canadian language spoken in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada). Like all dogs, he loves having his ears and belly scratched and is always looking for ways to get more treats.





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