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Letters to the Editor: March 29 – April 4, 2012

Citizens Angry: Council Late and Cut Comment Time


I attended the City Council meeting on Monday and filled out a form to speak. The meeting was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. but the Council members were late and the meeting did not begin until 8. Then we were told to keep our comments to two minutes. The combination of the late arrival and foreshortened time for public speakers communicated an attitude of disrespect and uninterest on the part of our Council for the public attendees at the meeting. During my 120 seconds of time speaking, with the exception of Robin Gardner I felt as though I might as well have been talking to a wall.

If this is the attitude of the City Council, why bother to hold meetings open to the public? I have to wonder whom the Council believes it is representing, because it certainly did not seem to be the Falls Church citizens at the meeting.

Steven Wertime

Falls Church


How Do F.C. Candidates Stand on WMATA Plans?


It is important for the citizens to know the views of the candidates for City Council on a whole host of matters, before we can make informed choices when we vote. One that I’ve been involved with is the impact on Falls Church of the opening of the Metro Silver line. The issue focuses on the parking situation for the Park & Ride lot.

The current lot has spaces for 422 vehicles, and is oversubscribed, with overflow cars parking on nearby streets. In 2002, WMATA conducted a study, which projected a requirement for 800-900 spaces. In contrast, the development plans of Arlington County envisage a sharp reduction from the current number of 422.

Questions that need answers from the candidates are:

Do you agree with the Arlington plan that the number of Park & Ride spaces should be decreased?

Would you ask WMATA to update its 2002 study?

How do you propose to resolve the discrepancy between the projected requirement and the current capacity? Possible approaches include a joint Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church/WMATA study of more efficient bus service during rush hours, and the reservation of spaces for cars carrying more than one commuter.

I expect that the candidates will publish their “platforms” in a future edition of the News Press. I hope that they will include answers to these questions, as well as many others that concern the city’s residents.

Donald Rea

Falls Church


Yes, Yard Waste Stickers Rate As ‘Horrible’


I completely agree with Joann Rodman’s letter regarding the city’s new Yard Waste Stickers. They are horrible. Did we have to make them infinitely more complicated to justify the doubling in cost?

Please, Falls Church, go back to the simple stickers.

Donald Vafides

Falls Church


Charlie Clark Column Recalled the Old Days


I am writing to comment on Charlie Clark’s fine recent column concerning the old movie theaters in and around the Arlington County area.

Some other than bordered Arlington that were not mentioned included several in what is now the Skyline Mall area east of Bailey’s Crossroads on Leesburg Pike in Falls Church such as the Sunset Drive-In, the KB Cinema Seven and the Skyline Mall Multiplex.

Unfortunately, these venues have long since closed, depriving the Falls Church area of entertainment options.

Charlie Clark’s column offer an interesting look at a bygone era in recent local history and how much things have changed.

Gregory Paspatis



Readers Lauds Range of Columns in the FCNP


Your columnists are outstanding!

David Brooks is always insightful but “When the Good Do Bad” is the most profound insight into the heart of our culture that I have seen recently.

Peyton Palmore



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