Letters to the Editor: March 15 – 21, 2012

Says Coverage of Water Issue Is One-Sided


Did nobody at FCNP see the blatant hypocrisy — and unintended hilarity — in Benton’s March 8 column personally attacking Rush Limbaugh (“cheap thug”, “porn-obsessed leering voyeur”, “pathetic, tiny little shriveled up soul obsessed by a lack of sexual potency”, etc.) in exactly the manner he condemns Limbaugh’s using?

I’m no Limbaugh fan or listener — and I recognize the huge difference between attacking a public figure like Limbaugh and a private person like Ms. Fluke — but Benton’s over-the-top ad hominem language won’t change anyone’s thinking of Rush and won’t dissuade his dittohead fans — assuming any of them read FCNP. What Limbaugh DID was evil and corrupt; that’s sufficient for condemnation and urging advertisers and stations to shun him, without resorting to exactly the sort of language the column condemns.

In other news — FCNP’s continued one-sided coverage of The Great Water Controversy — has anyone on staff with journalistic tendencies thought of asking Fairfax County or Fairfax Water for comments on what’s been happening and what they’re doing? Perhaps you could arrange one of FCNP’s famous “exclusive interviews” with someone not representing The Little City’s position; I’ve heard directly from County and Water executives that FCNP has never asked them for comments. The word “fair” occurs more than once in FCNP’s Platform; let’s see actions and reporting reflecting that noble sentiment, rather than FCNP simply being a mouthpiece for Falls Church (untenable and indefensible, in my opinion) positions and actions.

Gabriel Goldberg

Falls Church


Signage Along F.C. Corridors Detriment to City


I couldn’t agree more with the Letter to the Editor submitted last week regarding the signage along our commercial corridors. They are very detrimental to the overall appearance of our “Little City.” But worse, yesterday I narrowly missed an accident when I pulled out in front of a car that had been obscured by a sandwich-board style sign from Nourish Market. It had been placed in the sidewalk blocking the view of Broad Street. Had the accident happened I would have had a field day suing Nourish Market and the City of Falls Church for allowing the ongoing and continued use of these temporary signs all up and down the city-owned sidewalks. So think about that City Hall and get out there and make sure these establishments aren’t creating tripping hazards, traffic issues, or unsecured missiles in windy weather!

Erica Stein

Falls Church


Obama Merely Followed Policy Precedent


Mr. Flusche’s letter in the March 1 edition repeated right wing rhetoric in asserting that President Obama is anti-religion. As proof, he cites to the recent case of Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC to show that even the Supreme Court has rejected Obama’s supposedly extremist anti-religion policy. However, the position taken by the Obama administration in that case was the same as taken by the Bush administration when it first filed that lawsuit against the religious institution. Mr. Obama was merely following the extremist anti-religion crusade that Mr. Bush started.

Brian Gish

Falls Church


Says New Lawn Bag Stickers ‘Awful to Handle’


Who’s idea was it to change the lawn bag stickers?

The new stickers are awful to deal with. They tend to tear easily and stick to each other making them a pain to use. Perhaps the worst part is that each sticker generates three separate pieces of waste paper. That means that if you have 10 bags -not unusual during Spring clean-up- you need to deal with 30 little pieces of paper, whereas with the old stickers on the roll, it was one.

Bad change.

Joanne Rodman

Falls Church


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