Dem Lawmakers Rally Vs. ‘Voter Suppression’ Bills in Richmond

At a press conference today, Virginia Democrats in the House of Delegates joined civil rights activists to protest against a “slew of bills aimed at making the voting process more difficult for voters who are older, more transient, or who may lack certain forms of identification due to social or economic status.” Members of the Democratic caucus were jonied by U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis. Two bills, HB 9 and HB, were among the targets of the Democrats. “Representatives from the State Board of Elections as well as members of the Privileges and Elections Committee have yet to produce a single instance of voter fraud in Virginia in which a vote is cast, under penalty of perjury, by someone by someone impersonating a legal voter, yet House Republicans continue to push restrictive measures that limit voter participation,” the Democrats said in a statement.