Around F.C.

Critter Corner: Buddy

critterBuddy is a 15-years-old Cocker Spaniel who moved to Falls Church from D.C three years ago, and adapted quickly to the friendliness of the city.

His favorite activities are sleeping in his bed, lying on his favorite carpet, and taking walks in the Cherry Hill Park. His least favorite activity is a car ride, because it could lead to the veterinarian office. Buddy’s main passion in life is begging for human food and he has become terribly spoiled by his owners. He often finds himself shaking his tail for treats in the kitchen during dinner time, and if his enthusiasm is disregarded, he yelps and barks out of impatience until something tasty is awarded for his effort. He also enjoys spending time with his favorite stuffed toy, “Beery,” that he has had for the last 10 years.