F.C. Watershed Advisory Report Unveiled Monday

Next Monday’s general business meeting of the Falls Church City Council will mark the release of a two-year study and recommendations by the 14-member volunteer Watershed Advisory Committee. The focus of the report is on current maintenance and repair needs for the City’s 111,534 linear feet of concrete pipe and 39,638 feet of corrugated steel pipe and the deployment of a proposed $3.2 million over five years for 11 infrastructure improvement projects which will serve as the front end of the City’s long-term obligation to the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Project.

The City’s obligation to the unfunded Chesapeake mandate is $24 million over 15 years. The advisory committee recommends establishment of an enterprise fund and a storm water utility fee based on percentage of impervious property cover. The City Council will schedule a town hall on the report before voting to adopt or modify its recommendations in late February.