Fairfax Board OK’s First Big Tysons Redevelopment

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors yesterday approved the first redevelopment plan for transforming Tysons Corner into a walkable, liveable urban downtown for Fairfax County. The rezoning project by the Georgelas Group was selected to be the demonstration project to show how the “vision” for Tysons Corner can be achieved.

County Board chair Sharon Bulova said, “I am excited to see this wonderful project advance. It is truly a demonstration – it shows the plan can work, that the affordable housing and transportation goals can be met, and that developers, landowners, businesses and residents have much to gain from the redevelopment of Tysons Corner. When we were selecting a demonstration project, we knew we would need a patient, thoughtful and pragmatic developer to join us at the table and help ensure the Tysons vision was realized in a way that would benefit all parties.” The Spring Hill Station development approved yesterday includes significant improvements to be made by the developer to Greensboro Drive, and the Georgelas Group has committed to participating in a future tax district to fund transportation improvements. The project meets the 20 percent workforce housing goals laid out in the Tysons plan.

Consistent with the requirement for new development in Tysons to address public facility needs, a new fire station will be constructed by the Georgelas Group at Spring Hill Station.