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Critter Corner: Clementine

critterRecently Clementine, the English Bulldog, was most anxious to see the latest edition of the Falls Church News-Press. She had attended the Falls Church Concert Band’s performance at Cherry Hill Park on June 17 and was photographed numerous times by the FCNP photographer.

He even made a point to get her name (and the names of her entourage.) Clemmie told all her fans and they were all so excited by the news; they couldn’t wait to see the Winter Hill canine celebrity pictured in the local paper! Much to Clemmie’s (and her fan club’s) disappointment, the news story about the concert sadly did not feature a photograph of the beloved bulldog. So as not to dissapoint her adoring fans, the FCNP has decided to feature Clemmie in this week’s Critter Corner.