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Path to Prosperity or Poverty?

If the Republican budget cuts succeed, they will go down in history as the worst and most divisive in modern American history.

If the Republican budget cuts succeed, they will go down in history as the worst and most divisive in modern American history.

Is that what the Tea Partiers are all about?

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, sold fellow Republicans on reckless cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, while reducing taxes for the rich and corporations.

Who are these people who would turn America into a plutocracy?

Why does the GOP target the people who need help the most – the elderly, the disabled and the orphaned? Social Security has been an anathema to Republicans since it was enacted in 1935 during the Roosevelt administration at the height of the Great Depression.

The people who elected those heartless lawmakers will pay dearly. The lack of compassion for the suffering in this country is astonishing in its magnitude.

This past Friday, the Republican-led House passed a bill to cut the budget $4.4 trillion over the next decade.

It will be a dream come true for Republicans to end the entitlement programs they have hated over the years and yet millions of them have at one point lived off those checks.

Do the American people know who they voted for? Do they want to destroy the safety net for so many? Kill the food stamp program, and this will force many thousands into homelessness and deeper poverty. Meanwhile, the plutocrats are padding their pockets as others are driven to despair.

The rich are getting richer, and many corporations are bloated with profits enabling them to pay out big bonuses for their executives.

Is that what America is all about – solving its debt problems on the forced sacrifice of the poor people in our country?

The Republican slogan in the next election should be “greed is good.”

Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican President with a heart, denounced plutocrats at a political cost.

Do we want a nation divided between the very rich – often billionaires – and the poverty stricken?

Where are the real Americans who fought for worker’s rights – the workers who sat down in factories and demanded fair wages and working hours? Where are the Americans who would not tolerate injustices in the workplace?

How can the Republicans look themselves in the mirror after passing such outrageous legislation that will hurt millions of Americans? Do we want a country like that, with leadership that is so ruthless and selfish, a drastically unfair society?

Power is still in the hands of the people. The choices are very clear, and Republicans have shown their hand. It is evident that they are the takers – at any price – not the givers. “This is our defining moment,” said Ryan after the House voted 235 to 193 to pass what Ryan called “The Path to Prosperity.”

It should have been called the “path to further poverty,” or the path to gridlock on Capitol Hill between the Republican leadership and the slight majority margin of Democrats in the Senate.

Not one Democrat in the House voted for the GOP budget bill. All but four Republicans voted for the Ryan plan in the House. The GOP hopes to end Medicare by cutting the program by more than $70 billion in the next decade.

The party also hopes to end the federal government’s partnership with the states – which gives states block grants to do with the money whatever they choose.

To meet the deficit, President Obama should cut military spending, and let the current generous tax breaks for the extremely wealthy expire.

If Democrats lack talking points in the 2012 presidential race, it is because they have lost their sense of justice. How can they miss in showing the American people that Democrats do care about having a more just society? Republicans have certainly shown they couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly sounding the alarm on the projected cuts in Medicare and Medicaid. It’s up to the Democrats to support the President in an all out fight to help the deprived people in this country. What have they got to lose?

Let’s hope wiser heads will prevail. It is war, and the Democrats have the only weapons that will defend real Americans – the Americans we can be proud of.