F.C. Strategic Pedestrian Plan Due for Adoption by Summer

There are no less than 2,250 “sidewalk deficiencies” that have been identified in the 2.2 square miles of the City of Falls Church, the F.C. City Council learned tonight, covering 26,943 feet of sidewalk. Wendy Sanford of the City’s Planning Department updated the Council on a massive study and planning process underway to identify and target for upgrades key corridors in the City aimed at enabling walking, bicycling and traffic calming measures to be implemented. She said the study with recommendations should be ready by late spring.

Sanford said that public input has been extensive in the project, including 60 citizens attending two public meetings and over 700 comments online, The project includes taking ADA compliance and safe routes to the City’s schools. “This could be transformative for the City,” said the City’s chief engineer Bill Hicks. “This is a legacy-making process.”