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Letters to the Editor: January 13 – 19, 2011

Helen Thomas Called ‘Marvel of a Journalist’


I was pleased and proud, as a Falls Church resident, that the News-Press is welcoming Helen Thomas back as a weekly columnist.

I recall that, at the time of her seemingly poorly phrased comments about Israel, much of the media and politicians seemed far more willing to jump all over these impromptu remarks than to examine the far more significant act of Israel’s having just killed nine humanitarian aid/human rights advocates, including an American citizen, on a boat attempting to bring aid to Gaza. When Ms. Thomas retired last June,I was saddened and felt it a loss for all who appreciated her insightful questions and writings. This 90-year-old marvel of a journalist has been a treasure of press coverage in Washington for decades and seems as sharp as ever in her column this week. Thank you for giving your readers the opportunity to benefit from her thoughtful columns yet again.

Sarah F. Eggleston

Falls Church

Helen Thomas ‘Convicted by Kangaroo Court’


I had the pleasure of entertaining Helen for a weekend once in New Orleans back in the mid 80s. I was a young buck with UPI and Helen was there to address UPI Louisiana editors. I had a ball. I had never met such a fireball.

What happened to Helen was wrong.

She was convicted by a kangaroo court of her peers.

I think everybody out there knows what Helen meant but are afraid to speak up for fear of being labeled the same as Helen; or worse yet — were fanning the flames of dissent with the hopes of converting some of Helen’s fans to their own.

Politics aside, I want to commend you for being a stand-up guy. Everybody deserves a second chance.

Dan Dalton

Via the Internet


Happy Helen Thomas Back With Column


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for bringing back journalist Helen Thomas. Many of us having been following Ms. Thomas’s work for years. And it has been for years that Washington’s insiders having been angling to push Ms Thomas out. The politicians don’t like hard direct questions and the other reporters, year after year, simply won’t ask those questions. Most of the members of the mainstream press would rather be loved, and highly paid, than act like real reporters and ask the questions America needs answered.

Helen Thomas has been unique among reporters in her unrelenting efforts to do her job on our behalf.
Thanks again to you, and thank God for Helen Thomas.

Michael Scott Shepard

Dallas, TX

Helen Thomas Fearlessly Speaks Truth to Power


I support your wisdom, courage and journalistic integrity for hiring Helen Thomas.

She is one of the very few journalists in the world who fearlessly speaks truth to power.

With her many decades of experience in reporting and her many contacts with world leaders, she is one of the preeminent journalists in the world today.
You couldn’t have made a better choice.

David Anderson

Albuquerque, NM


Hails Hiring of Helen Thomas by FCNP


Great job on hiring Helen Thomas. Her only crimes were asking hard questions and speaking the truth. It’s a shame there are no longer any reporters like her for her working for the major media outlets. PS.I am Jewish.

Joe Stein

Fresh Meadows, NY

Wants to Know More About Thomas’ Views


This week we are reminded again of the power and importance of words, and the responsibility of those who own the means of distributing them. Helen Thomas is a great reporter and has every right to express her thoughts as she sees fit, and you have every right to welcome her to your paper. The people of the community you serve though, as much as we believe wholeheartedly in diversity and the free exchange of ideas, would reserve judgment and make a modest but firm request: please Ms. Thomas, give us more of your thoughts and opinions on this very sensitive and important issue, and let us use this situation as an example of how to use the energy of human discourse to shed light rather than heat. Ms. Thomas’ recent comments are not the rantings of an immature mind, but rather the highly considered thoughts of a wise and learned lady, and I hope that you will accept the responsibility to facilitate an open exchange of opinions and information about the relationship between the U.S. and the Middle East, Arabs and Jews, etc., otherwise a very rare opportunity will be wasted.

I wanted to offer a poem modeled on the famous words by Christopher Marlowe, where Dr. Faust speaks to the devil about Helen of Troy (“The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships”) but in light of my admonition above, after reflecting on my words and the context of this famous scene, I have thought better of it.

Dan Maller

Falls Church

Disappointed By Helen Thomas’ Coming Back


I was extremely disappointed that you hired Helen Thomas to write for the FCNP. Her bigoted views are long-standing and well-known. I also find it an anathema to your position on civil rights for other groups. There is no doubt in my mind that you would never hire a reporter who openly stated that all African-Americans should go back to Africa. And that would be the right decision. And there is no doubt in my mind that you would not hire a reporter who openly stated that gay and lesbians should get out of the military and go back in the closet. And that, too, would be the right decision. Accordingly, I wonder why you would hire someone who said the Jews should get out of “Palestine” and go back to Germany and Poland, where millions of Jews met their deaths? Why are Jews treated differently?

Beth Helemen

Falls Church

(Ed. Note—I think it is unjustifiable to presume an addition to Ms. Thomas remarks the phrase, “Where million of Jews met their deaths.” Ms. Thomas’ intent was to say that in those and other countries, and she included the U.S. in her remarks, Jewish people no longer need fear persecution.)

Assails Helen Thomas’ Bigotry-Fueled Opinions


Bully for you for hiring Helen Thomas to spread her ignorant and narrow-minded bigotry-fueled opinions in your pages!

I, too, have any number of uninformed defamatory generalizations about various ethnic, religious, and cultural groups, and I would LOVE to have a forum to spread them more widely.

When can I, too, look forward to being given a platform to spread divisive ignorance in your publication?

J.S. Cole


Yet Another Pizza Place Coming to F.C.?


Just what we need, another place (Paisano’s, News-Press Jan. 6-12, 2011) in Falls Church where we can purchase pizza. At my last count that now totals 14 places in Falls Church (2.2 squares miles no less)where I can purchase pizza. The selections are endless.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had that many clothing boutiques, shoe stores, craft stores, accessory boutiques, consignment shops,bed and bath shops, home decor boutiques and more where I could spend my money other than wasting it on pizza? A Golden Corral sure would be nice with their large selection of healthy foods and reasonable prices for the elderly. But we never really take the elderly into consideration around here do we?

I hope the “planning” committee hurries up and approves that new gym because with all these pizza places popping up the “Little City” is going to be quickly known as the “Big Fat Unhealthy City” or “Little Italy” take your pick!

Linda Hart

Falls Church


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