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Press Pass: Shane Hines

shaneHere’s the thing about Shane Hines: he just gets it.

shaneHere’s the thing about Shane Hines: he just gets it.

Yes, that’s a pretty vague description for an album review, but it’s tough to be specific when an artist repeatedly demonstrates such a broad awareness of his genre.

The reason Hines is so special is because he doesn’t try to be. He’s not going to revolutionize the music world. He’s not going to sample from some obscure album in the 1920s, or hover over a synthesizer until the notes blend just right into something that sounds like a dental drill (nothing personal, Trent Reznor). Instead, he keeps doing what he does best, straight-up pop rock and roll. Fans of Hines know exactly what they’re getting. And that’s probably why his supporters are clamoring to fund his future albums ($34K raised from fans and counting). Well, that, and because each of his albums feels even better than the last.

His latest, All the Quiet, All the Chaos, certainly holds true to that pattern. From each release since his debut, Sweet Soul Suicide, Hines has refined his simple science. And from the first note of the new release it’s clear that he has further honed his craft.

With some distortion-laden muted strings, “Leave It All Behind” kicks the album off with a tidy, but energizing, package. What the straight-ahead tune lacks in frills, it makes up for in sheer enjoyability. And a brief guitar solo around the 2:30 mark reminds everyone that Hines still knows his way around the fret board.

The third track, “It’s Not Home,” picks up some of the country tones he’s no doubt acquired since relocating from Virginia to Nashville a few years back. With a mournful, but highly memorable, chorus carrying the song from start to finish, the tune wouldn’t at all seem out of place amid a radio block of Whiskeytown, Sugarland and Rascal Flatts.

The finger-picked ballad “Hello Saturday Night” revives that country feeling with the stripped-down tones of Hines’ voice and an acoustic guitar. He revisits the vibe on the album’s closing track, “All That Remains,” flexing his vocal muscle and showing off his dynamic voice a little more.

Hines is not lyrical slouch either, delivering a few easy-to-recall lines throughout the album, most notably on “Choices.” Hines caps a tale of a parent giving advice to their son that all his actions have consequences with a chorus of, “You think you keep making choices, but the choices are making you.”

All up, there’s little not to like with All the Quiet, All the Chaos. The only disappointment is that we’re left clamoring to hear what’s next.

Hines returns to Virginia for a few shows starting Tuesday, Dec. 21, when he’ll play Artisphere in Arlington. One night later he’ll join the fine folks at Jammin’ Java for their annual Santa Christmas Spectacular concert. For more on Shane Hines visit www.shanehines.com.






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