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Bowed But Not Broken

bentonmugThe biggest and most brazen mobilization ever of Wall Street’s multifaceted social engineering machine achieved a major reactionary impulse in the U.S. population Tuesday to deliver a body blow to President Obama and his reform efforts.

bentonmugThe biggest and most brazen mobilization ever of Wall Street’s multifaceted social engineering machine achieved a major reactionary impulse in the U.S. population Tuesday to deliver a body blow to President Obama and his reform efforts.

It was definitely a knock down, but not a knock out punch.

It now depends on how Obama and the Democrats react to what happened. It presents them with a challenge requiring a laser-like focus on what’s best for the country and the world, and not what’s acceptable to their supposed vanquishers.

But first, let’s strip away all the charades involved in this electoral process. Obama’s arch-enemies, the greed-obsessed scions of Wall Street, pulled out all the stops on a full-court obstructionist and harassment effort from the day Obama took office.

Among the components of this offensive are the following:

• Elected Republican congressmen, who were herded in unprecedented fashion to oppose in lock step every significant initiative by Obama. Up through Tuesday’s election, this “Party of No” offered nothing but for a return to the catastrophic policies of the Bush years for the American people, beyond derailing Obama.

• Right-wing and radical libertarian Washington propaganda machines masquerading as think tanks, whose spokesmen dominated the media air waves from day one providing an aura of credibility for outlandish and lying claims of the consequences of Obama’s initiatives.

• Foul-mouthed and deliberately dissembling radio and TV commentators who aroused suspicion, fear and worse in the general population with a relentless trash-talking offensive. This includes the 24-7 cable TV network propaganda machine, Fox News, masquerading as an objective news operation and almost never challenged for this blatant misrepresentation to the public.

• With a huge assist from the same U.S. Supreme Court that provided the final stage of the stolen presidential election of 2000, countless millions, if not billions, of anonymous Wall Street-allied dollars that flooded the elections, financing misleading TV ads and the logistics of allegedly grass roots activist organizations.

• The combination of all the above that incited, cajoled, terrified and otherwise exploited the darker tendencies of the general population by appealing to greed, selfishness, fear and loathing for people unlike themselves to orchestrate the so-called Tea Party and general anti-incumbency phenomena. It was not difficult to direct rage at Obama, who just happens to be an African-American, and Nancy Pelosi, who just happens to be an uppity woman.

• Finally, a more cloaked dissembling effort conducted among Obama’s original backers that sewed discord and doubt, claiming that Obama had betrayed, moved too slowly or lacked a real commitment to the causes he’d espoused in his campaign. This contributed enormously to the precipitous drop off of pro-Obama voters showing up at the polls this week.

So, do the puppet masters of this effort care about solving the unemployment crisis they’d exploited to bring out their vote? Not surprisingly, there was almost nothing said about this among the candidates of choice of this surge. There was only generic lip service to how cutting taxes and eliminating regulatory controls on business would spur job creation.

Do they care if American citizens enjoy some basic protections in the health care system, such as the ability of persons with pre-existing conditions to get insurance? Actually, nothing was said by them, their machines or candidates except to repeal “Obama care.”

OK, what is the agenda of these forces? It is so simple and straightforward as to be completely overlooked by all the pundits and election experts who can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.

It is to remove any and all impediments to the greed-driven unbridled pursuit of financial gain by the most powerful forces in the world. These interests can’t wait to get right back to doing what they were doing with no government resistance under Bush, to exactly what brought the world to the brink of the greatest financial meltdown in the history of the human race (and caused the unemployment crisis).

These people are like enraged and dangerous alcoholics who will kill for a drink, even if it will destroy them. Their obsession in this case will ruin not only them, but the rest of us, too.

The good news is, after Tuesday’s election, those resisting all this were bowed, but are still not yet broken.


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