2024-05-28 1:08 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

“Crude Justice,” a 17-minute documentary prepared for the Alliance for Justice chroncling the difficulties ordinary people face in finding fair compensation in the wave of the British Petroleum oil spill, was released this week in conjunction with the convening of the new Supreme Court.

The film was developed for the Alliance for Justice by the GVI firm of Washington, D.C. with Falls Church City resident Bob Burnett leading the GVI effort as its creative director. Shot on location in Louisiana, the film, narrated by Ed Begley Jr., explores the damage done by the spill, including the environmental calamity and the devastation caused to the lives of the people who depend on the waters in the Gulf of Mexico for their income, their food and the continuation of their culture. The film can be viewed in its entirety through a link on the Huffington Post website.






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