City Hall Confirms Lease Now Signed For Chipotle Opening in F.C.

Early June is given as the projected opening date for a new Chipotle outlet in the Broaddale Shopping Center in downtown Falls Church, following news today that the lease has been executed.

The site is the former Duron Paint store in the already-heavily trafficked shopping center, where the Original Pancake House on one end and Starbucks on the other end, and a Hair Cuttery in the middle already tax the limited parking. It is the second Chipotle outlet to open in the immediate area, the other doing a lively business since opening at the Seven Corners Shopping Center two years ago. There are over 900 locations, nationwide, all owned directly by Steve Ells.

Known for their quality ingredients, Chipotle’s signature humongous burritos nonetheless can pack a tasty 2,000 calories apiece, according to reports.