F.C. Police Chief Reitze: Public Will See No Change in Service

In a budget work session of the Falls Church City Council, Police Chief Harry Reitze confirmed adamantly tonight that despite signicant cost savings and retirements in the department, the public will see “no change at all” in uniformed patrols, criminal investigations and other vital services.

The chief also stated that the City’s first two intersections with new “photo red light” capabilities may be up and running by summer. He said VDOT has OK’d two intersections, but not two others so far.

Overall, it was noted, criminal activity is down 1.3 percent in the past year compared to the previous year, although injury-traffic accidents are up.
Most of the personnel retirements are in the areas of management including retirement of 25-year veteran Captain Dan Ellis, and not in patrol or criminal investigative activity.

The department will hire a certified fire marshal who will perform that function for the City and head emergency managment operations, as well. That will relieve the City of hiring fire marshal services from Arlington County.