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Critter Corner: November 19 – 25, 2009


Sam the Kitty Cat appreciates a fine piece of china. Even at the young age of 4 months, he prefers lounging upon plates of Bernardaud and Raynaud. ccgoodwebversion

Tony Ghisi, who resides on Laura Drive, placates Sam’s porcelain preferences. As little Sam grows, so he goes from bread plate, to salad plate and eventually, god willing, to dinner or serving.

His house-mate Melissa also loves little Sam and gives him chasers of choice. Sam joined their household around Oct. 1, adopted from Last Chance Animal Rescue, who saved Sam, introduced him to his new caretakers and found him his forever home. He is half Maine coon and half Domestic Tabby. Sam’s owners say the little china cat is just what they needed to complete their household. In order to find out more about Last Chance Animal Rescue, visit their web site at or call 301-274-9409.