Letters to the Editor: October 8 – 14, 2009

First Place to Cut Budget: Dump GEORGE


I would think that the first place to look for a budget reduction would be the GEORGE bus!

It may have been all right to subsidize a boutique bus service when revenues were growing or stable, but Falls Church can no longer afford to maintain an over subsidized and under utilized service.

It is criminal to consider cutting the school budget while George uses taxes to subsidize one or two riders a bus.

Cut the bus! Not one dime from the school budget should be cut until the useless expense of the GEORGE bus is ended.

Michael Baker

Falls Church


Cuts Should Come From Top Management


John Tuohy and Wyatt Shields have some explaining to do.

Who made the mistakes, who spend money we didn’t have, why didn’t city council know this was coming? Tuohy and Shields need to go. If layoffs are needed again let’s hope the cuts come from upper management instead of those whose salaries are negligible. The time has come and gone for a financial advisory council – the CFO and City Manager have made Falls Church a target for takeover by Arlington or Fairfax.

D. Green

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