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Letters to the Editor: August 20 – 26, 2009

Fairfax Residents Not Eager to Spend in F.C.


In your August 13 editorial: Falls Church’s Two Rivers of Gold, the News-Press writes: “The City must do everything it can to entice, lure, cajole, convince, persuade, nudge, beckon, fetch, bribe and everything short of forcibly compel as many of those million cars a month to stop and spend money in Falls Church”.

No thank, you – FCNP, I am a resident of Fairfax County who lives just outside the City limits. As long as the City of Falls Church feels compelled to charge an additional 4% tax on meals, and to charge exorbitant rates on water usage ~ almost double of the rates charged by Fairfax County ~ my family and myself will avoid doing any business in Falls Church City like the plague.

“Forcibly compel”?!? No wonder your recent “branding effort studies” have discovered that non-City residents have such a negative view of the City of Falls Church. Perhaps you could station thugs at the City limits, to collect a “commuter tax.”

Andrew Smythe

Falls Church


It’s About Time F.C. Focuses on Signage


I am glad to see that Falls Church City is finally seeing the value (albeit belatedly) of developing the identity and awareness of the City through improved signage.

My suggestion is to create a set of simple pedestrian walkways over Seven Corners, in an archway or trellis style. This would be a wonderful way to provide visitors and travelers a point of reference. Signs on the overpasses, pointing toward Hillwood, Rte 50 West, and Broad Street, 7 West could announce “Welcome to Falls Church” (which could be lit at night). Signs pointing toward 50 East could direct travelers toward Arlington and Downtown DC. Signs pointing toward 7 East could direct travelers to Baileys Crossroad and Alexandria. If erected, this could become known as the Gateway to Falls Church. This would be helpful in pointing out our area – the reference to “Seven Corners”, after all, is one that only locals understand. It rarely shows up in maps.

I’ve pitched this idea to Supervisor Penny Gross’s office a few times, without every getting a response. Instead, we now have this pedestrian walkway connecting Home Depot to the CVS across the street, at a cost of $10 million to taxpayers. I’ve yet to see a single person walking over it.

Ellen Ward

Falls Church


Temperance & Reason Key To True Debate


I read with interest Nicholas F. Benton’s recent well-written and thought-out column in last week’s edition criticizing Glen Beck’s blatant racism, and found it ‘spot on.’

It is very clear to be successful a way must be found to obstruct these strident voices that oppose progressive, liberal, and left-wing efforts, as well as that of the President who only wishes to provide the nation with an inexpensive health care blanket that will comfort all of our citizens, and one they so desperately need. The more citizens and groups that can be quieted, the easier the path to true democracy will be. Your efforts in this regard are commendable.

That Beck should be able to express himself so openly goes against all in which the left believes. People like Beck who stand in the way of the advancement of liberalism and progress simply make it more difficult to improve the human condition, while confusing those whose critical thinking is without the depth and breadth of people like you and others in the movement.

I think it should be emphasized and reemphasized that if improvement is to be made on issues it should be done in the temperate manner of Steny Hoyer, one of our better minds in Congress, who believes that the town hall meetings are simply organized and populated by ‘un-Americans,’ or Nancy Pelosi, bless her, who has seen these groups populated by individuals carrying ‘swastikas’ and who, as she so clearly states, are ‘un-American.’ If the political discourse could be maintained at this moderate and well reasoned level, including the kind of language in your carefully worded editorials, the progressive and liberal movement would easily dominate the rantings of its opposition.

Way to go, Mr. Benton.

Andrew Ness

Via the Internet


‘Stupid White Men’ Comment Called ‘Racist’


The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” While Glenn Beck’s comments that “reparations” is really the driving force behind President’s Obama’s health care plan may be distasteful it is not racist. However Nicholas F. Benton’s comments calling individuals “stupid white men” is not only in poor taste but is a racist comment. It is very sad to see that an opportunity to really address the issues related to Health Care reform was wasted on; and in Mr. Benton’s own words “incendiary” remarks. Mr. Benton calls for the media to “call out” their “bigoted colleagues”. Are Mr. Benton’s comments any less bigoted as those he accuses?  Mr. Benton did not address one fact of the Obama Heath Care Act. Instead of addressing the issues, descriptive pharses such as “pathetic followers, angry white men, lying and disingenuous” were central themes to his printed tirade.  Mr. Benton calls for “far less tolerance from within the news industry of the kinds of misinformation and incendiary remarks that are being peddled not only by GOP spokesman, but by paid so-called journalists within the ranks” Mr. Benton will you set the example? Will you report the facts, good and bad, concerning the pending Health Care Legislation or will you be like those that you accuse? We shall see, yes we shall see.

Patrick D. Parnell

Falls Church





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