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Letters to the Editor: June 18 – 24, 2009

F.C. Voter Turnout 3rd Best in State


It is a real testament to the City of Falls Church that 1,533 Democrats voted in the primary last Tuesday. Despite area-wide reductions in voter turnout in special elections since the November elections Falls Church voters prove, once again, that Falls Church Votes! Thanks for responding so affirmatively to the FCCDC’s urgings at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday and the three GOTV e-mail messages to Democrats just before and on primary day.

The voters should also be congratulated for continuing the City’s record of high voter turnout. The city’s turnout (18.51%) is third highest in the Commonwealth, exceeded only by Bath County (Senator Deed’s home county) (24.52%) and by Highland County (an adjacent county) (21.67%).  (These numbers were as of when this letter was written and are from the State Board of Elections website).

And now that the Democratic candidates have been determined, Democrats across the Commonwealth are rallying behind Creigh Deeds for Governor, Jody Wagner for Lieutenant Governor, and Steve Shannon for Attorney General. We urge everyone to keep informed about the campaign over the coming months and vote for these outstanding candidates in November. FCCDC hopes to see you at the Farmers’ Market in the months leading to the November election where we will provide more information about these candidates.

Betty Coll, Chair

Falls Church City Dem. Committee

Integrity Lack Biggest Problem for ‘Peak Oil’


I am a peak oil doomer myself, but one of the problems I see is the number of different messages you get on peak oil. It’s like to global warming/cooling debate. You hear lots of different and opposing facts and theories. In the end, you can’t trust science because you can neither trust the scientists or perform your own measurements. I, unashamedly, follow my own gut instinct, because, ultimately, that is all I have to go on.

The integrity of scientists and the media who report them are the biggest obstacles to truth.

Edward Metcalfe

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