Local Commentary

Letters to the Editor for the Week of November 27 – December 3, 2008

Open Review of City Center Changes Needed


The League of Women Voters has learned that Atlantic Realty plans to change the design concept of the recently approved City Center South, due to rising construction costs.

It appears that the new plan is significantly different from the one approved as a Special Exception. We understand that in such circumstances the process is reopened and the whole proposal is re-evaluated under the guidance of the Special Exception Ordinance.

The new design concept should be considered as carefully as the original design was. Our citizens, who will be impacted by the changed design, must have ample time and notice of the revision approval process. The City Council, Planning Commission, and other involved bodies should hold open meetings, with adequate public notice. Elevations and other graphics should be available at the library and on the City’s website. Every effort must be made to ensure a thorough, proper, and deliberate review of the design revisions.

This is an important issue now, as it was several months ago. The League of Women Voters urges Falls Church residents to be alert to pending developments.

Joan Lewis, President

League of Voter of Falls Church

Grateful F.C. Schools Remain In Good Shape


As I read the news about extreme cutbacks in neighboring school systems to offset current and projected budget shortfalls, I am grateful to know that the Falls Church City school system remains in good financial shape. This is largely due to the fact that our community does not rely on state funding to the extent that larger school systems do. Instead, this community continues to support the schools in the same fashion that it did nearly 60 years ago when the schools were established.

The Falls Church City founders had a great idea when they decided to take ownership of an issue they knew couldn’t afford to be short-changed: our children’s education. I’m so proud to live in a community that continues in that tradition by fully supporting our schools and by giving our children the security and resources they need to compete in a global marketplace.

Matt Smith, Chairman

Business in Education Partnership

Assails Invite to Obama Kids by F.C. Mayor


The mayor has done it again! What possessed her to even think the Obamas would want to send their kids out to this thriving, soon-to-be, metropolis of Falls Church. Our school system has been on the decline for the past several years, and further more, the logistics of such a stupid move boggle the mind. Imagine the daily motorcades, secret service presence, and associated turmoil and cost that would be involved for us heavily taxed, lightly served city residents. She has once again made our city look very foolish.

She and the city council lite are clearly trying for 15 minutes of notoriety and only end up looking ridiculous to anyone who sees the FC News-Press article. She needs to get busy with things like reducing property tax assessments, and cutting city spending in light of the deepening financial crisis.

Frederic Foss

Falls Church

(Editor replies – To us, the initiative to invite the Obamas was not solely about getting them to attend. It was about sending a positive message about the Falls Church school system to the families filling 7,000 new administration jobs.)

Kim Kenny To Play Big Role for ‘Stangs


I enjoyed your November 20 article previewing the 2008-09 George Mason High School girls’ basketball team. Unfortunately, however, it neglected to mention one of the main cogs in the Lady Mustangs’ machine — returning starter and senior center Kim Kenny.

Kenny was a second team All Bull Run District selection last year and, during the team’s play-off run that culminated with a narrow loss in the state semi-finals to eventual state champion Floyd County, led the team in both scoring and rebounding.

She will undoubtedly be an important component on both ends of the floor for this year’s edition of the Lady Mustangs.

Joel Hamme

Falls Church