Letters to the Editor for the Week of November 20 – 26, 2008

F.C. Dem Chair Thanks City Voters


I would like to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to all in Falls Church who came to the polls on November 4th and also to all those that cast absentee ballots.

I want to thank the voters of Falls Church for coming out to vote and for supporting the Democratic slate of candidates; Barack Obama, Mark Warner and Jim Moran. I would also like to thank everyone who worked with the members of the Falls Church City Democratic Committee during the campaign as volunteers. And, to those citizens who put in long hours of hard work at the Obama office here in the city – thanks to you too.

My messages to city Democrats throughout this campaign was always that if we all worked hard to get out the vote and everyone voted we would win Virginia and Barack Obama would be our next president. Everyone made sure that they, their family members and their friends voted in this election.

I would like to thank the State Theater and the Dogwood Tavern for allowing FCCDC to use their wonderful establishments (respectively) as gathering places during Barack Obama’s convention acceptance speech and to watch the election night returns.

I want to thank the many many volunteers who helped work at the polls and stood in the rain. Finally I would like to thank the election officials for their superb efforts to make Democracy truly work in Falls Church.

During this campaign season voter registration drives added over 800 new voters to the Falls Church City rolls. Out of the 2,026 absentee votes cast 1,634 (79.94%) were cast for Barack Obama. (In 2004 there were just over 800 absentee votes). In total, of 8,237 active voters 6,750 cast ballots in this election and 4,695 (69.55%) voted for Barack Obama. The overall voter turnout for the city was 81.94.

Thanks to you all for you support and help. And to those that walked by members of the FCCDC at the Farmers’ Market and said, “No, you can’t.” Well, yes we did. We ALL did.

Betty Coll – Chair

Falls Church City Democratic Committee

Renewables Are Key to Solving Energy Crisis


I’m writing because in all the media coverage given to rising energy prices, how they threaten to damage our economy, and the push to drill for more oil and gas, there has been little exploration of how renewable technologies like wind and solar can simultaneously reduce our dependence on foreign oil, clean up the environment, and provide jobs for tens of thousands of Americans. If we had made these critical investments years ago we wouldn’t find ourselves in the bind we’re in today and America would lead the world in the clean energy technology sector. Fortunately, it’s not too late for us to change. With fossil fuel energy hitting record highs, we have an opportunity to shift to clean renewable sources, but we need our leaders in Congress to act. I hope our newly elected local representative, Gerry Connolly, and Barack Obama quickly follow through on their commitments to investing in the future of the economy and environment.

Whitney Altizer

Falls Church

Local Scouts, Cubs Collect Tons of Food


True to their oath β€˜to do my best and to help people at all times’, local Boy Scout Troops 895,140 681 and Cub Packs 675 and 661 did just that during the recent “Scouting for Food” campaign. The boys collected and delivered over 6,600 lbs of food to the Falls Church Community Service Council Emergency Food Pantry. With requests for food assistance at an all time high this donation will help us feed our neighbors for many months. Thank you to all who donated and to the Scouts for helping us help others.

Karen Moore, President

FCS Board