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Letters to the Editor for July 17 – 23, 2008

Letters to the Editor for the week of July 17-23, 2008

Asks Why Besen Column Assails Dobson


Why does Nicholas Benton’s columnist Wayne Besen (Anything But Straight) promote slander and false accusations against Pro-Family, Judeo Christian leaders such as (Dr James Dobson of Focus on the Family), and American Family Association (Don Wildmon)?

In the June 25, 2008 issue of the Falls Church News-Press, Wayne Besen’s article accused Dr James Dobson, (one of the world’s most respected family advocates) of being a “serial liar” a “charlatan of family values”, and also of “bastardization of the truth”, but gave no evidence. Mr. Besen, who’s “Anything But Straight Column” exclusively appears in the FCNP, only listed people who were unhappy by being quoted by Dr Dobson. Mr. Besen also says several authors complained that they were misquoted, but gives no evidence of this. He even accused Dr Dobson of “suggesting that Sponge Bob Square Pants may be gay” which never happened.

Is the real reason because Dr Dobson promotes Judeo Christian values and represents one of the most effective ministries aimed at providing a way out of the homosexuals lifestyle through “Love Won Out”? “Love Won Out … testifying to God’s grace … to uphold God’s design for sexuality in a way that transforms lives”. A quote from a participant “I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I heard someone speak about homosexuality that I knew truly understood what I have been going through.”

In the July 9, 2008 issue of the Nicholas Benton’s columnist Wayne Besen also labeled the Pro-Family organizations such as American Family Association as “useless” and “money sucking scams” all because they promote marriage only between a man and a woman. You see once marriage is redefined who’s to say group marriage and polygamy are wrong. In short same sex marriage destroys the traditional family and any children born or brought up are either brought up without a Dad or Mom and are exposed to all the hazards associated with the homosexual lifestyle: Domestic Violence, AIDS, hepatitis, decreased life expectancy.

Why does the Falls Church News-Press masquerade as a community newspaper while promoting such hatred toward people who hold to Judeo Christian Values?

Jeff Hilton

Falls Church

Reason for Low Birthrate in Europe


In his column “The Pro-Family Scheme”, for the most part, I agree with Wayne Besen completely, but not on the topic of the low birthrates in Europe. As far as I know, the birthrates are at their lowest in exactly those countries with the best social safety nets, the most educated women population, and the smallest percentage of women forced (in reality or by tradition) to remain at home and raise children: i.e., the four Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark).

In fact, the real reason behind the declining birthrates is probably quite close to what pope Benedict said, only I wouldn’t call it selfishness but thoughtfulness. Neither women nor men don’t want to get tied to their homes, and many even think of the ecological consequences of growing mass of over-fed, resources-consuming people in well-developed countries.

Tommi Nieminen

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