Webb Declares City Council Candidacy

The following is a statement declaring the candidacy of Lawrence Webb for City Council. The document appears as authored by Mr. Webb with no changes. This is a public service allowing those seeking election 500 words to declare their candidacy. This is not to be considered an endorsement by the Falls Church News-Press.

To CBC Executive Committee,

My name is Lawrence Webb and I am a candidate for the Citizens for a Better City (CBC) nomination to run as a candidate for the City Council.

I have resided in Falls Church several years now and have found myself falling in love with this jewel in Northern Virginia.  I have been on the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board since moving to the city.  While serving on the Board my colleagues and I have worked diligently to complete the master plans for all of our city parks.  When opportunities present themselves the Board has acquired additional land to expand our parks meanwhile we work together with the Planning Commission and City Council to purchase these plots of land.  If elected to the City Council I will continue to work to make our parks some of the best in the region, as well as, more user friendly to the residents and families of the community.

Working in the field of higher education I know first hand how important it is to have a strong educational system.  I was aware when I moved to the city that Falls Church schools were some of the best in the nation.  As a college recruiter, I look forward each year to reading application from students coming from George Mason High School because I know that they are going to be some of the brightest students.  I would look forward to working with members of the school board to make sure that when the fiscal year approaches that our schools continue to get the funding it needs so that our students will continue to be some of the best and brightest in the Commonwealth.

As an individual who rents here in the city I think that it is time for us to have a voice on City Council.  I would be the representative on the Council that would champion renters’ rights to insure renters are not alienated or treated unfairly when it comes to the city government.  I would also be an advocate for affordable housing for those of us who rent that are ready to make that commitment to home ownership.

As talks continue about the City Center, I am ready to listen to our citizens input on what they would like to see in this project.  If I am elected I will work hard to make sure that this project makes us all proud moreover; give us a great place to meet with our neighbors and enjoy our wonderful city.  Additionally, making sure that it something that improves the quality of life for all residence while taking into account the transportation infrastructure and parking issues relevant to any final design.

I ask you for your help and support as we move forward and work together to continue to make Falls Church City the greatest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Lawrence Webb

Authorized by Lawrence Webb