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Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

A critical election for Northern Virginia

With the retirement of Vince Callahan, the Virginia General Assembly will have only one Northern Virginia chair—none in the Senate—of  an important committee unless we elect Democrats to the Virginia Senate and House from Northern Virginia.

Fairfax County and Prince William County races are critical, particularly three Senate contests mostly in Fairfax County. The Democrats must pick up four seats to ensure that Northern Virginians chair key committees.

Prince William Senator Chuck Colgan, who is in a close election fight, will likely chair the very powerful Senate Finance Committee if the Democrats win control. Other Northern Virginians, including Senators Dick Saslaw and Mary Margaret Whipple, could chair major committees if Chap Petersen and George Barker and Janet Oleszak become Senators—and Democrats win one more seat elsewhere now held by a Republican.


And in the House….

Four Senate seats equal ten House seats.  Therefore, eleven Democrats must win seats now held by Republicans or Independents for Northern Virginians to chair committees in the House.  In Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, there are only three contested seats: Incumbents Tom Rust and Tim Hugo face stiff challenges by Democrats Jay Donohue and Rex Simmons, and Margi Vanderhye faces Republican Dave Hunt to replace Vince Callahan.  In Loudoun and Prince William, there are five races held by incumbents that are being strongly challenged by Democrats.  Only one Northern Virginia House Republican is not being challenged, Dave Albo, in the Springfield area.


To summarize:

                                                                 Key Virginia Senate Races

Democrats                                                                             Republicans

Chap Petersen                      vs.                                           Jeannemarie Devolites Davis

George Barker                       vs.                                           Jay O’Brien

Janet Oleszak                        vs.                                           Ken Cuccinelli



                                                                House of Delegates

                                                                     Open Seats

Democrat                                                                                    Republican

Margi Vanderhye (McLean)                 vs.                                Dave Hunt

Paul Nichols            (Prince Wm.)         vs.                                Faisal Gill


                                         Incumbent Challenges

     Democratic Challenger                        Republican Incumbent

Rex Simmons (Fx Co.)                    vs. Tim Hugo

Jay Donohue  (Fx.& Loudoun)          vs.           Tom Rust

Chris Brown          (Prince Wm.)        vs.       Jeff Frederick                                         

  Bill Day                                          vs.                Scott Lingamfelter                                                        

Bruce Roemmelt                        vs.                Bob Marshall

Jeanette Rishell                        vs.                Jackson Miller



This year will see the lowest voter turnout in the 4-year cycle beginning with the Presidential election. Your vote really matters.  Please vote next Tues, November 6, at your local polling place from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.