Katrina Cottages Require Separate Lots in Falls Church

Lowe’s Hardware now has blueprints and supplies for 11 different floor plans of the so-called Katrina Cottages, for sale on its web site. But anyone who’s awaited this opportunity to add the newly-designed, 300-square foot or larger cottage to their backyard for grandma will be disappointed to learn that the City of Falls Church strictly forbids such a move. According to a source at City Hall, the cottages will require a separate vacant lot to be built on legally. Proponents of affordable housing in Falls Church have been unable to get the City government to budge on such new creative options for housing in the City. The Katrina cottage model was developed as a response by highly-qualified architects to design small, structurally-solid, attractive housing units for victims of hurricane Katrina. They can be added onto their core 300-square foot area in modular units according to the homeowners’ wishes.