2024-06-22 2:17 AM

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Three ‘Must See’ Summer Movies: Homer, Harry and Moore.

These three are not of the class of what you go see in January to make sure you’ve checked out all the Academy Award ‘Best Picture’ nominees. Nor are they thought-provoking, edgy ‘E Street Cinema’ fare. But they’re all must-see for aficionados of the American cultural mainstream. Of course, Harry Potter and the Simpsons are not like Trix, they’re not ‘for kids,’ especially now that Daniel Radcliffe is approaching adulthood and the tales are getting darker, and a lot of the Simpsons’ humor is lost on, well, almost everyone without a twisted mind. Then there’s Michael Moore’s latest, Sicko, and it’s something that you just have to see if you’re not going to be left in the office water cooler dirt.





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