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Mother’s Day, all day THIS SUNDAY, MAY 13! (Don’t you dare forget).

My mother was the best one ever in the history of the world, but I am willing to concede that many of you have some pretty good ones, too. There was a recent item on the TV news about what a typical mother would earn if she stayed home and got paid for working 16-plus hours a day at maintaining a happy home, and the figure came in well above $200,000 a year. Of course, many moms work in the outside world these days, and still are the indispensable nurturing force in the lives of their children, often for decades and scores of years. If you don’t have your mama around right now, or if you are not a mama, yourself, you have no excuse. You must celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday to tip your hat to the institution, itself. Just imagine a world without mothers. Doing the test tube birth thing wouldn’t have to be so bad, but can you imagine life without someone to kiss a boo-boo?