GMHS Hosts Sports Seminar

George Mason High School’s Athletic Department and the Athletic Boosters are co-sponsoring a free seminar on March 23 at 7:30 p.m. at GMHS for student athletes and their parents interested in learning more about making the transition from high school to college-level athletics. Goals include informing parents about the steps expected of an athlete looking to make the transition, choosing the right school, getting noticed by prospective schools, and what college-level coaches are looking for in prospective athletes.

The seminar will include speeches and question-and-answer sessions from expert panelists in the field. Glenn Robinson, head basketball coach from Franklin & Marshall College as well as a member of the college basketball hall of fame, Mike Campbell, a retired NFL running back and now college prep coach at Springwell College Prep, and Coach Bill Broderick from George Mason’s phys ed program will speak on the realities of college athletics and the choices high school athletes and parents will have to make.

Information will be geared towards parents, students, and coaches and how all three can work together for the benefit of the student during what can be an arduous and confusing process. The seminar aims to be starting point for the long-term planning that is needed if one expects success at the college level with minimal confusion. According to booster President and event organizer Gregg Wright, “This is an opportunity for students to go out and make a commitment to their dreams, rather than waiting for them to come to you.” All students from 8th to 12th grades and their parents are invited to attend.