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Editor Recommends: Jerry Lewis Telethon

I routinely recommend this for Labor Day weekend because, dammit, it works. Huge sums are raised for medical research from this show. Most importantly, I don’t give a hoot how much they pay Jerry Lewis, in whatever form he may appear in this year.

This is my opportunity to rant once again against those pea-heads who brought down those marvelous AIDS Rides of the 1990s by complaining so much about their overhead costs. In D.C., the Whitman-Walker Clinic did not complain about the $1 million check that was written to it every year, money raised from those rides. When the rides died, thanks to the idiots who killed them, Whitman Walker almost had to shut down its Northern Virginia clinic. So, let’s hear it for Jerry Lewis and the huge millions he raises that go to finding a cure every year. Thank goodness no one’s stupidity has been able to shut that thing down.

Sunday night through Monday night on TV this Labor Day weekend.