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Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

A Congressional Record Statement in Remembrance of Falls Church City Manager Daniel E. McKeever.

Mr. Speaker, the City of Falls Church, Virginia has lost a steady hand, sure-footed manager and good friend this week, with the passing of Daniel E. McKeever.

Dan McKeever joined the Falls Church community as City Manager in 2000, after an accomplished career in both law enforcement and local government. Thoughtful, genial and very well-liked, Dan helped guide Falls Church through a period of rapid transformation. He oversaw development of a number of mixed-use projects that revitalized downtown Falls Church and will increase the City’s taxable real estate value by $336 million.

During his six year tenure, Dan McKeever helped implement the City Council’s vision for Falls Church as a pedestrian friendly, urban community with small town charm. He worked for more affordable housing, improved the City’s building permit process and spent significant time reorganizing the City’s public safety system. As City Manager, Dan placed a premium on efficiency, team work, transparency and communication. Sheparding a $25 million bond referendum for new school construction and protecting the City’s AA+ bond rating were among his most noted accomplishments.

In his spare time, Dan was an avid baseball fan, attending as many Washington Nationals games as his busy schedule would allow. He was even a part owner of a minor league baseball team in Pulaski, Virginia, where he served as Chief of Police and town manager in the 1980’s.

Never one to wilt in the face of an obstacle, no matter the challenge presented, Dan was intimately involved with the City’s management throughout his nine-month battle with cancer. While Dan left us far too soon, his good works, cheerful demeanor and practical advice will long be remembered by the citizens of Falls Church.